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Our Winning line-up of Race Fuel

Gulf 100

Gulf 100 is an unleaded, oxygenated, 100 Octane fuel.  Suitable for use in sports cars and applications that have 02 sensors and catalytic convertors. 

Gulf Performance Plus

Gulf Performance Plus produces extreme power increases for both turbo charged and naturally aspirated engines.  Fuel choice is critical to vehicle set-up and can be the difference between the podium and the rest of pit lane.

Gulf 110

Gulf 110 is designed to be an all purpose fuel for those needing a leaded fuel.  The versatility of Gulf 110 allows it to be used in a wide variety of applications. 

Gulf 112

Gulf 112 is meant for the serious racer that needs a little more octane and detonation protection in their higher compression applications.  Can be used in Drag Racing applications, Snowmobiles, Two Stroke Dirt Bikes and many others.

Gulf 116

Gulf 116 is a leaded, non-oxygenated fuel designed for supercharged, turbocharged and nitrous applications.  This high-quality consistent fuel provides superior detonation protection at all levels.

Gulf Max 116

Gulf Max 116 is a leaded, oxygenated fuel that increases power for both turbocharged and naturally aspirated engines. The formula directly increases both horsepower and torque by providing superior detonation protection and ensuring optimal performance which could be the ultimate competitive difference.

Gulf E85

Gulf Racing E85 is a proprietary blend of ethanol and premium ultra pure components, providing the consistency racers and tuners are looking for. 

Gulf E98

Gulf Racing E98 is a 98% ethanol featuring 2% of our custom blended race components.  For the racer or tuner looking for the added benefits of additional ethanol, Gulf Race E98 will provide you with all the power you are looking for.

Gulf Sport

Gulf Sport is a versatile unleaded oxygenated fuel designed as a pump gas alternative. Providing additional detonation protection in a variety of applications, Gulf Sport has proven itself in the punishing heat conditions or the extreme cold and snow of competitive snowmobiling. 


Utilizing a 99.9% pure Methanol, Gulf Racing Methanol will pass those fuel checks

Gulf Classic

Gulf Classic Fuel is an ethanol-free, low-emission, unleaded formula suitable for retro-petrol engines. Its long shelf life means it can last up to three years and makes it similarly suitable for heavy-duty classic engines, carburetors and injection engines.


A Proud Canadian Company

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